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Material Cardboard + Matte/Glossy paper
Size S/M/L,there are different size you can choose.
Surface treatment Matte lamination/Glossy lamination
Print technique: Offset printing/Gold foil stamping/Silver foil stamping/Spot UV/Emboss/Deboss
box type Paper tube packaging box
color White
Brand Senyu
Uses food,daily chemical products,gifts,electronic products, costume jewelry and other industries.
Advantage environmentally friendly materials, beautiful appearance, portable design, multi-purpose use
OEM&ODM Size,color,print,surface and others, we can customize according to your needs.

Product Detail

Product Description:

The paper tube packaging is a kind of sealed paper can as the main raw material is paper, which looks like a cylinder. It usually consists of a cylinder and a dome.

It has excellent sealing performance, and has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof.
Paper tube packaging box is used in food, daily chemical products, gifts, electronic products, costume jewelry and other industries, among which the application in food packaging is more common.


Related Parameters

Paper tube box is a packaging form with a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, and the main raw material is paper ,usually composed of a cylinder and a round cover.

There are two main types of paper tube box: full paper tube box and composite paper tube box.

Full paper tube package, as the name suggests, is a form of packaging that uses paper as the raw material.

Most of the full-paper tube package adopt the structure of upper and lower hemming and inner and outer ferrules, which are widely used in gifts, daily necessities, clothing jewelry and other fields.

The composite paper tube package is composed of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil.

Therefore, composite paper tubes are often used in food packaging and some industries that have sealing requirements for packaging.

The paper tube packaging has excellent sealing performance, which has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof. It is used to hold the product, eliminating the process and cost of the inner bag packaging, making the product packaging have some individualized and differentiated advantages, which is helpful to Products to achieve market differentiation marketing.


1. Cylindrical appearance design, with better resistance to deformation, reducing the internal stress of the package.

2. The outer layer of paper will be covered with a film (both bright film and dumb film can be used), which can increase the aesthetics while being waterproof and moisture-proof.

3. Mini cylinder, small cylinder, medium cylinder, large cylinder, cylinders of various sizes and heights can meet the packaging of different products. The scope of application is wider,which is helpful to products to achieve market differentiation marketing.



A traditional product packaging can feel dull and uninspired.

So why not consider adding a designer packaging to your product?

Simple packaging can reduce the value of your product, but sophisticated packaging can make your product look premium.

A beautiful packaging box can make your product improve the grade, reflect the uniqueness of the product and increase the value of the product. You know, the box also needs to be packaged.

Exquisite appearance will more easily stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and it will make it easier for others to feel your sincerity, and even better promote your company.

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