Custom Hexagon Double Door Gift Box Magnetic Closure Packaging Box

Key Points

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    Bow Ribbon Paper Box

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    Double-door Gift Box

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    Magnetic Closure Paper Packaging Box

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    Special Textured Paper Box

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    Flower Box/jewelry Box

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    Flipping Box

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Material 1200g gray cardboard + texture paper
Size 16*14*10cm
Surface treatment Special texture paper
box type magnetic box
color pink
Brand Senyu
Uses gift box, jewelry box, clothing packaging, socks box, scarf packaging
Advantage High quality materials, special texture paper, custom shape, multi-purpose use
OEM&ODM Size,color,print,material, we can customize according to your needs.

Product Detail

Product description:

Pink hexagon handmade gift box, the unique shape stands out among ordinary square boxes. Besides, bow ribbon for both quality and beauty, magnet closure makes it easier to use and more elegant.

The special textured paper with pink surface makes the gift box more unique, and you can feel the high-end quality when you touch it with your fingers.

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Introduction of Double Door Boxes

Compared with the traditional lid box type, the double-door box type is more commonly used for high-end gift box packaging.

The design of the ribbon will bring you the pleasure of opening a gift, and the closure of the magnet adds a metallic texture. The combination of rigidity and softness makes your products more elegant.


1.1500g gray board makes the box high quality and strong enough, protect your product well.

2.Pink ribbon closure and special texture paper on the surface makes whole box in harmony and perfect.

3.Magnetic closure makes it a joy to open and close the box, also can keep it as a storage box to put tiny items in your daily life.

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In today's vast abundance of commodities, consumers pay attention to each product for a very short time, and they must seize the moment when consumers' eyes swipe from the shelves. Only packaging can comprehensively utilize elements such as color, shape, and material, and at the same time show the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, highlight the common interests of products and consumers, and form a more intuitive impact on consumers, which in turn affects consumption.

The impression of consumers on products and enterprises, so that products are prominently placed on the shelves, and effectively achieve the purpose of attracting consumers.

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