Manufacturer Customized Diary Notebook Notepad

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    Paper Notebook/scratch Pad

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    Diary Booklet

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    Paperback Notebook

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    Loose Leaf Notebook

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    Business or Student Notepad

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    A5/a6/b5 Pocketbook

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Material Paper
Size A5/B5/A6
Surface material leather, textile, paper
Binding method Wire binding, perfect binding, binder binding, rivet binding, coil/spiral binding, etc.
Brand Senyu
Classification business notebook or student notebook
Advantage environmentally friendly materials, beautiful appearance, portable design, multi-purpose use
OEM&ODM Size,color,print,surface and others, we can customize according to your needs.

Product Detail

Product Description:

Paper notebook originally refers to a booklet used to record various things.

Notebook customization is a practical and rapid method to promote the company's self-image. Whether it is loose leaf notebook customization or paperback notebook, customization can show the strength of the enterprise to a certain extent.



Notebook customization is divided into loose leaf notebook and paperback Notebook.

First: loose leaf notebook
Also known as loose leaf notebook and loose leaf notepad.
From the word "loose leaf", we can know that the inner page (inner core) of a loose leaf notebook can be taken out or added at will.

Second: paperback notebook
Also known as hardcover notebook, it uses hard paper or leather as the cover, which is not easy to stain and is conducive to long-term preservation.

Spine Classification

1、 Flat ridge: suitable for the lining of hard paper plate with flat shape.

2、 Round ridge: suitable for lining with good toughness such as leather.



1. The cover is firm and can well protect the inner page.

2. It can be used flexibly, and the paper can be disassembled, replaced and combined at will to meet the DIY preferences of users.

3. The styles are rich and diverse, meeting the aesthetic and use needs of different users.

4.After use, the inner core can be sorted and bound to facilitate future search and use.

5.One page can be torn from the notes.


A traditional product packaging can feel dull and uninspired.

So why not consider adding a designer packaging to your product?
Simple packaging can reduce the value of your product, but sophisticated packaging can make your product look premium.

A beautiful packaging box can make your product improve the grade, reflect the uniqueness of the product and increase the value of the product. You know, the box also needs to be packaged.

Exquisite appearance will more easily stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and it will make it easier for others to feel your sincerity, and even better promote your company.

Notebook customization is a practical and rapid method to publicize the company's self-image. Whether it is loose leaf notebook customization or paperback notebook, customization must choose one with better quality in order to show the strength of the enterprise.


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