Custom mobile phone case drawer packing boxes with clear window

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    Phone Case Packing Box

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    Mobile Phone Accessories Packaging Box

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    Window Packing Box

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    Inner Tray Package Box

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    Transparent Drawer Package Box

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    Screen Protector Packing Box

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Material 300g card paper+pvc blister
Size 19.8*12*2cm
Surface treatment Gold Bronzing/CMYK printing
box type drawer box
color White+pink
Brand Senyu
Uses Mobile phone case packing, screen protector packing,cell phone box
Advantage environmentally friendly materials, beautiful appearance, portable design, multi-purpose use
OEM&ODM Size,color,print,surface and others, we can customize according to your needs.

Product Detail

Product Description:

The phone case packing box made of paper material is environmentally friendly and practical. This packing box includes the inner tray, which can be suitable for a variety of mobile phone cases.

The color can be customized, full colorful printing. High-end mobile phone case packaging box can add the gloss lamination and matte lamination, which can make your products with anti-fouling properties.

Outer box has transparent PVC window, which can clearly see the type and color of phone case. It is suitable for all kinds of display or retail.


Introduction of Drawer Boxes

The drawer packaging box is full of high-advanced, convenient and practical. The drawer outer box can increase the value of the product through decoration, such as adding bronzing, UV, embossing, embossing and other processes.

The high-quality feeling of the entire box is fully surrounded. The product instantly gives its own unique high-end style due to the packaging.

The PVC window can clearly see the inside products, you can see clearly without opening the package, saving time and cost.


1.It uses card paper and pvc blister, which is suitable for display and retail.

2.Personality and fashion design, super cost-effective.

3.Hot stamping, color printing, transparent pvc blister and all kinds of craftsmanship, which makes entire box more luxury and beautiful.

4.The printed text is clear and the quality of the product packaging is improved.



A variety of craftsmanship and beautiful appearance, which can meet your various technological requirements.

For custom logo printing, which will highlight the brand and enhance the visual effect, mainly promote the strength of the brand, also improve the packing grade and added value of the product packaging.

If the product wants to sell well, the packaging is very important, professional design team create unique box type that matches your product positioning.

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CMYK Printing


Matte Lamination


Glossy Lamination

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